Debt Consolidation


Do you have a load of debt all over the place – overdrafts, credit cards, store cards and other loans? In some cases you might be getting charged too much interest. What?! That’s crazy!

High interest rates doing your head in?

Too many bills - all with different interest rates and repayment schedules? Simplify! You’ve got better things to do with your time. Merge your existing debts with a debt consolidation loan through ABC Loans, and put the finish line in your sights

ABC Loans can bring all that debt under one roof with a debt consolidation loan. That means no more paying ridiculous rates – you can get ahead in life. So take a load off through ABC Loans and pay all your debt off with one simple payment, in-sync with your pay cycle. How simple is that? So simple.

Juggling different types of debt, such as credit cards, hire purchase, overdrafts and other debt can be stressful. Consolidating those debts into just one ABC Loans’  Debt Consolidation Loan can make your life easier and could save you on interest costs.

Here’s why:
With just one regular repayment to make, you won’t have to keep track of different due dates and repayment amounts – much simpler

The interest rate for a ABC Loans Debt Consolidation Loan can be lower than many other forms of credit - like credit cards and hire purchase, so you could reduce your interest costs

You can make extra repayments any time you like, with no fees – which can also save you on interest.

You can adjust the length of the loan so the repayment amount suits your budget, plus you can choose between weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayments.

Check out our online calculator and discover how you can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Apply for $1,000 - $15,000 through our 100% online, obligation-free application process, and find out how much you could save by consolidating your debt through ABC Loans. Try using our loan calculator to see whether a debt consolidation loan from ABC Loans could work for you. It's an easy way to get an indication of what your repayments could be, and start your loan application.

It’s never been easier getting your debt consolidated with ABC Loans. It’s a no brainer.

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