About As

ABC Loans is providing everyday New Zealanders with finance and great kiwi service. We are 100% NZ Owned and Operated.

When ABC Loans was established, our primary goal was to assist Kiwis in achieving their financial goals and aspirations. Whether it was helping out with a deposit for a new home, home improvements, purchasing that car they’ve always wanted to get.

ABC Loans is building its reputation as a trusted loan provider. A commitment to personal service, and respect for every individual are among the core values at ABC Loans.

We understand applying for finance can be uncomfortable, but here at ABC Loans, our staff are everyday friendly Kiwis who appreciate the stress and financial strains of life. Our staff will not judge you, but rather try to make the process as fast and painless as possible.

We have a very friendly, experienced and knowledgeable team with the boss having more than 15 years experience in the finance industry. 

We also know that Kiwis prefer to deal with Kiwi-owned and operated businesses, not big Australian banks and finance companies focused only on their profits. We're miles away from that carry on, by cutting bureaucracy, unnecessary form-filling, and just being the nice guys of the NZ finance industry.

Even if your credit history isn't too flash, we may still be able to help, if you have security. No one is perfect and we all have some bad patches but what you need is our team of experts to help get you going again.

When you complete our simple, no obligations application, we'll be doing the leg work so you can just relax, because in no time at all your money could be in the bank for you spend as you please.

We are responsible lenders.

We will always listen to you if you have difficulty with your loan repayments. We will not react without discussion or fail to offer you choices.

We will continue our commitment to offer you the best service in personal loans we can and always offer you choices to make your life easier.

Quick, Smart, Easy.